Klatt Works Wearable MX Technology

Thanks to advancements in modern technology and the extraordinary vision of Nathan Klatt, it’s now possible to combine the best of augmented reality and wearable technology to enhance your aircraft maintenance operations. 

Using voice-activated headsets that integrate seamlessly with existing maintenance procedures, technicians can document processes and track tasks as they go.

Avi One Services is proud to be a certified Worldwide representative (excepting Australia) for the Klatt Works platform. If you are interested in optimizing your production, maintenance, or modification process, please contact our Technical Director to learn how this incredible technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.


About Klatt Works:

Klatt Works was formed by Nathan Klatt in 2018 to “leverage his extensive expertise in head-worn computers, augmented reality, aircraft operations and systems maintenance to develop real world products of technical, economic and social importance. Klatt Works has developed the SAVED (Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display) and MX Accelerator Systems to enhance hands-free maintenance applications. More information on Klatt Works available at the link below:

Klatt Works Wearable MX Technology