Evitado – Automating Airside Operations

Safety in the aviation sector is of critical importance. Insurance companies are experiencing increased activity in a number of areas – including repair & replacement of engines, damage from foreign objects, and misfuelling incidents – and repairing damage caused by aircraft ground movement is a billion-dollar a year industry for commercial airlines. Incident reporting by large commercial airlines has increased to twice per month and damage costs are quickly escalating due to repairs, downtime, and re-bookings.

Evitado Technologies helps your operation avoid such accidents and navigate aircraft efficiently and safely on the ground. Our teams have worked closely with industry experts and carried out extensive testing of our technologies to provide airport operators, airlines, industry bodies, and government the prospect of a safer, more reliable and environmentally responsible aviation industry that meets the demands of 21st-century airside operations.

With the simple-to-install Evitado system, you can move large assets in complex environments using a sophisticated combination of hardware and software. The system attaches quickly to any asset and instantly provides collision warnings in real-time in order to reduce the risk of costly accidents.

Our system predicts potential threats to the aircraft route when moving the craft on the ground and anticipates possible developments from foreign object damage (FOD); Evitado’s LIDAR smart navigation system aims to simplify the navigation process by continuously scanning the runways and surrounding areas while the craft is moving. To know more about this amazing technology get in touch with our experts here. 


About Evitado:

Evitado was founded by Andrew Moakes and Alex Kasinec to develop advanced robotics solutions and bring autonomous solutions into traditionally non-autonomous industries. Evitado provides a high-tech collision warning system which can be installed temporarily on an aircraft or tug to aid in aircraft positioning in production, maintenance, or aircraft operational environments. More information on Evitado available at the link below:

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